The Client Experience

Gregory Charles' forte as a premier Interior Designer is his ability to discover the client's cherished design vision and turn it into reality.  Gregory's interpersonal, sensitivity and listening skills enable him to understand the client's ideas, aspirations and style.  A design plan consistent with the client's wishes is then formulated which is thoughtfully reviewed and discussed.

What follows is a tour de force emanating from Gregory's vast experience in the Design Industry.  Irrespective of the location, be it South Florida NYC or Connecticut, Gregory Charles knows what is available throughout the myriad of retail stores, antique stores, exclusive trade-only vendors and other obscure nooks and crannies due to his long extensive career. Throughout this process the client gets to observe the ubiquitous warmth and goodwill that Gregory receives from key salespersons in every setting. The shopping and hunting for that special item becomes all the more pleasant as a subtle confidence is instilled.

Everyone with whom he works within the Design Industry likes Gregory and trusts Gregory because he knows what he is doing, he knows what he is looking for, and he operates with the greatest integrity.

To be sure, many clients often prefer to have Gregory do the discovery himself and make a formal and or informal presentation to them.  This gives the client the opportunity to make choices of several options in a very time efficient manner to accommodate their unique life circumstances.  Various techniques are used to illustrate the Design Plan which include but are not limited to computer aided design software, architectural drawings and elevations, 3D renderings and presentation boards which include material selections.

On the chance there isn't satisfaction with what is found live, Gregory knows just where to look in the infinite sites on the internet to find selections that match the design goal.

The entire process is creative, enlightening and pleasant.  The business end of it is always clear, fair and within the client's projected budget with no surprises. The net result is a collaboration in which the client feels listened to, understood, valued and participatory, resulting in a lasting satisfaction that the the end-product has faithfully fulfilled the initial dream.

-Richard D. Budson, M.D.