At Gregory Charles Interiors, LLC., we are passionate about designing spaces, as Gregory calls, "adagio" which, by definition, means a gentle flowing tempo. A movement.  A piece.  A sequence of well-controlled, graceful movements performed as a display of skill. A duet by a man and a woman or mixed trio emphasizing difficult technical feats.  A ballet of sorts.  A love-duet sequence in a pas de deux. 

We create spaces with our clients by adhering to and implementing the 7 key Elements and Principals of Interior Design, by incorporating various elements of Feng Shui and by not following any trends as they come, go and fade away.

Our creations are physical manifestations of music.  Similar to how the below piece of music (by Samuel Barber) elevates and moves you, a space we feel should do the same.  Space(s) designed by Gregory Charles are an amalgamation of climactic cords consisting of various shapes, colors, patterns and textures. A dichotomy of periods and styles that magically, yet subtly, manipulate the basic pulse of design all while being comfortable, elegant, sophisticated, timeless and durable to withstand the test of time. 

This is how Gregory Charles Interiors, LLC., implements, creates and executes each and every space they design. This is our Design Approach.

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